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Panayouda, a picturesque coastal village of Lesvos, is a paradise on earth 6 kilometers north of the city of Mytilini, at an altitude of 10 meters. Its beautiful location attracts visitors with its tranquility and traditional character.

The village, according to the 2011 census, is home to 906 residents, who are mainly engaged in fishing, being an important factor in the local economy. Fishing is a tradition and a way of life for the residents of Panayouda.

In the area there are various attractions that reflect the culture and history of the village. The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, built in 1896 by the famous architect of the time, Argyris Adalis, is an impressive example of Gothic architecture.

Also, the village is adorned with old olive mills, testimonies of the era that highlight the importance of olive cultivation in the past. The paved coastal road along the small port offers a pleasant walk and a unique view of the Aegean Sea.

The village is characterized by its amazing architecture, with an almost rectangular layout that gives the settlement a special character and charm.


The history of Panayouda begins in 1867, when refugees from the neighboring settlement of Afalon began to build the village, which was then called "Neochorion" or "Neos Afalon". The community grew with the arrival of refugees from the Asia Minor coast in 1922, who built the settlement of "Alieon" or "Synoikismus". In 1971 Panayouda was recorded with 707 inhabitants, while in 2001 its population reached 705.

To the north of Panayouda is the settlement of "Kalamiaris", where Panagiotis Alepoudelis, father of the famous poet Odysseus Elytis, comes from. In the same place stand out multi-storied towers and the Palm Forest of Kalamiari, also known as the Palm Forest of Panayouda, an undiscovered treasure of nature.

Panayouda, with its rich history and natural beauty, is an idyllic destination that attracts visitors to discover its unique beauty.